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December 8, 2023
8:30am - 10am PST

Hack-Proof Prosperity
DeW Webinar

In an era dominated by digital technologies, the protection of sensitive information is paramount. Most of us, as consultants and dental professionals, access regulated healthcare information regularly. While that may be risky, there are some easy ways to protect us, as well as the dental practices we serve. In this session, we will go over potential risks DEW members take daily working in dental. You'll leave with simple tips and tricks to put you at ease.


Responsibilities and Requirements of Prescribing Schedule II Opioid Drugs

Pain management in dentistry is not just about filling cavities - it's about ensuring patient comfort and safety. In this class, doctors will gain the skills to identify various pain management options and regulatory requirements for opioids. They will also learn to recognize signs of substance use disorders in patients and develop strategies to manage vulnerable situations. Join us and become a confident, compassionate provider of dental pain management!

*This course satisfies the California requirement, NOT the Federal requirement*