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I want to protect people.

After my own information was compromised in a Data Breach, I have made it my mission to ensure it doesn't happen to anyone else. I have spent the last decade as a HIPAA Educator, Risk Assessor, and Data Breach Consultant. I am passionate about educating as many people as I can to ensure the safety and privacy of protected health information.

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We understand things happen. Maybe you didn't have the appropriate protection in place. Maybe your team wasn't trained enough (or recently.) Maybe you trusted your vendor to protect your information. Whatever the case may be, if you have been a victim of a data breach, you need to act FAST! There are specific steps you need to take when it comes to reporting and correcting data breaches. This can be a very daunting task and can induce many headaches, but that's what Amy is here for! Contact us now so Amy can help!

*Out of the hundreds of Data Breaches Amy has consulted on, her clients have received ZERO fines and ZERO patient lawsuits. 


"Amy has always come through with high-quality lectures that explain all the cyber risks out there for healthcare professionals. She truly knows her industry!"


"Amy really makes the class enjoyable, something I never thought I would say about HIPAA!"


I am PROUD and HONORED to be a 2024 recipient of a Denobi Award!

The Denobi Awards recognize industry stars who have made outstanding contributions in dentistry around the world.

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