Online Courses for 24/7 convenient compliance!

Not ready for a full proactive plan? 

That's ok! You can take this one-hour online HIPAA course! This course goes over general HIPAA guidelines, policies, and procedures and is a great introductory for what we are all about at Copper Penny Consulting! 

NEW! Mandatory Opioid Safety course requirement! 

By now I'm sure you've heard of the new requirement for a Safe Opioid Prescribing course for all California dental professionals who subscribe ANY medications! This two-hour course will satisfy the California requirement. (The DEA will still require you to take the federal 8-hour course if you prescribe pain medication. You can find that link below!)

Mandatory DEA Course!

If you are a dental professional with a DEA license, you MUST take the federal 8-hour Opioid Safety Prescribing course. The current requirement is to take this course once, and once only!